Welcome to Cedar Ridge Campground

We’re proud of our natural setting… Cedar Ridge Campground is located at the very top of New Jersey in the beautiful Kittatiny Mountains. From your campsite, you can view some of the most scenic splendor within the region. It’s here, at Cedar Ridge Campground, where you and nature will become one in a quiet and peaceful setting.

Cedar Ridge Campground is listed with the Appalachian Trail Conference as an official stop in its A-T Lodgings Guide for hikers, as the Appalachian Trail crosses near here. Waterfalls, scenic mountain roads, deep valleys and high mountains are just the icing to the cake for those who camp at Cedar Ridge. We have many other wonderful things to do and see in the Tri-State area of New Jersey New York and Pennsylvania, while camping at Cedar Ridge.

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Brain freeze: How come ice cream offer you headaches?

Brain freeze: How come ice cream offer you headaches? MINNEAPOLIS – The initial really warm times of the season will be the perfect period to gobble straight down an ice cream cone, so look out for some severe ice cream head aches potent impotence treatment . CBS Minnesota station WCCO’s Heather Brown reviews the scientific name for the mind freeze we are able to get from consuming something frosty too fast is usually sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, this means discomfort in the nerve on the top of the mouth area. Why exactly it occurs isn’t quite clear, to neurologists even. Continue reading

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McCombs, DC, did her symptoms start to clear up. Comfort for Kalaf arrived swiftly once she discovered Candida Drive and embarked on the Candida Force plan of detoxification and dietary suggestions. Her weight dropped from 175 pounds to 135 pounds – a 40-pound loss – in only four weeks. Her energy came back, her skin cleared up, and Kalaf started feeling well for the first time in years. Renowned professional photographer Peter Simon ( Atlantic Journey to Wellness sponsor, also saw his cravings subside when his systemic Candida was brought under control. Continue reading

Canadian tourist bitten by a Katipo spider in Fresh Zealand By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Canadian tourist bitten by a Katipo spider in Fresh Zealand By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD A Canadian tourist experienced a serious heart inflammation known as myocarditis after he was bitten by a poisonous spider when he went swimming nude in New Zealand. The 22 year previous guy fell on the sand dunes in Northland asleep, Wellington. He then got bitten by the spider on his male organ pde5 inhibitor . He was taken up to the Dargaville Hospital where his condition worsened. He created high blood circulation pressure and chest pains and was treated with antidotes to the poison. Related StoriesHeart of the Rockies Regional INFIRMARY selects Aprima EHRGlan Clwyd Medical center N Wales spend money on Esaote's G-Scan MRI unit for weight-bearing scanningCHOP's Buerger Middle for Advanced Pediatric Treatment celebrates grand openingThe Katipo spider causes muscle pain, fever, headache, sensitivity and vomiting to light. Continue reading

Can the elements Affect My Childs Asthma?

Can the elements Affect My Child’s Asthma? Weather and Asthma The effect of weather on asthma symptoms isn’t fully understood, but clearly there exists a link. Numerous studies have shown a number of connections, such as for example increases in asthma-related crisis department visits when certain climate are present. Some social people find that their asthma symptoms get worse at specific times of year. For others, a severe storm or sudden climate transformation might trigger an attack. Continue reading

CDC: 30 percent of U.

CDC: 30 percent of U.S. Workers don’t get enough sleep In the event that you happen to be at work right now and you feel tired, you’ve got a lot of company silvitra.org/premature-ejaculation.html . A new CDC study finds more than 40 million workers get fewer than six hours of sleep per evening – that’s about thirty % of the country’s civilian workforce. Study: Sleeping less may mean you’ll eat more PICTURES: Sleepy states: 15 most fatigued And by not obtaining the National Sleep Foundation’s recommended seven to nine hours of shut-eye per night, the CDC says these workers pose a significant and fatal risk to themselves and coworkers potentially. Continue reading

The Fiji Situations reports.

Under the agreement Also, Australia shall spend 188 million Australian dollars, or around $183 million, on applications to prevent the pass on of HIV/Helps in 2008 and 2009. Australia’s HIV Ambassador Murray Proctor stated Australia is a solid advocate for business involvement in curbing the effect of HIV/AIDS. Based on the Fiji Times, you can find 256 confirmed instances of HIV in the nationwide nation, up from 182 in December 2004 . This article is certainly republished with kind authorization from our close friends at The Kaiser Family members Foundation. Continue reading

Who is navigating middle college while living with epilepsy.

CEA launches new epilepsy comic book for children The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance Launches A New Epilepsy Comic Book As Part of BuskerFest Festival Activities The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance is thrilled to announce the start of a fresh comic series made to educate children about the most typical neurological disorder in Canada, epilepsy journal médical . The Medikidz Explain Epilepsy comic series tells a fictional story based on the experiences of 14-year-outdated Jack, who is navigating middle college while living with epilepsy. Despite the fact that epilepsy affects 1 in 100 Canadians, there is indeed much misinformation and lack of consciousness out there still, says Gail Dempsey, President of the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance. Continue reading

There are immunology-based tests that may detect fungi within blood or urine.

Furthermore, there are immunology-based tests that may detect fungi within blood or urine. Another available This check can identify antibodies directed against the fungi; this check indicates if the person offers been subjected to the fungi but will not determine active infection.. Blastomycosis Diagnosis Presumptive diagnosis of blastomycosis is performed by obtaining the individual`s history and by observing the fungi in samples extracted from skin scrapings or various other contaminated tissue and examined microscopically. Continue reading

Capella University introduces new DNP degree Capella University degree.

Capella University introduces new DNP degree Capella University degree. The DNP is the desired credential for advanced practice nurses and will be the required terminal degree for the career by 2015. A lot more than 38,000 students are going after an online degree at Capella University http://suhagra100mg.net/suhagra-vs-silagra.html . Capella DNP gives individualized educational knowledge ‘We’ve developed an application that provides the foundational knowledge all nursing leaders need, but also enables many opportunities to spotlight individual areas of curiosity within the field,’ stated Mary Bemker, RN, DSN, PsyS, faculty chair of Capella’s Nursing Department. Continue reading

BioResearch Open Gain access to explores Cell-SELEX technology SELEX is an instant.

Shoji Ohuchi, University of Tokyo, Japan, examines the ongoing improvement in developing and refining this useful procedure for drug substance screening in the Review content Cell-SELEX Technology. This review summarizes the improvement and software of Cell-SELEX technology, offering a fantastic resource for newbies to professionals and field alike, says Editor-in-Chief Jane Taylor, PhD, MRC Center for Regenerative Medication, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.. BioResearch Open Gain access to explores Cell-SELEX technology SELEX is an instant, efficient, and iterative high-throughput way for screening large libraries of molecules to recognize people that have the potential to end up being developed as drug substances or research tools. Improvements in SELEX technology which have allowed screening in live cells, called Cell-SELEX, are explored in a thorough Review content published in BioResearch Open up Gain access to, a bimonthly peer-examined open gain access to journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Continue reading