This may be an evolutionary trait designed to make the bee addicted.

The researchers emphasized that research has proved a choice, not addiction, plus they are currently examining if the bees do certainly become dependent on nicotine and caffeine.. Bees prefer nectar containing smoking and caffeine more than ‘clean’ nectar A study completed at the University of Haifa has discovered that bees prefer nectar with a little focus of caffeine and nicotine more than nectar that will not comprise these substances at all. ‘This may be an evolutionary trait designed to make the bee addicted, the experts say.Claritas Genomics, affiliated with Boston Children's Medical center, is a CLIA-certified clinical laboratory serving the DNA-based diagnostic testing needs of children's hospitals that admit hundreds of thousands of patients with genetic disorders every year. NextCODE's solutions have already been developed and proven on the globe's largest assortment of genome sequence data. Claritas selected NextCODE's integrated clinical and study platform after a thorough evaluation of the leading solutions in the field.