Clinical trial investigates pomalidomide in only U.

The brand new compound is thought to have less toxicity for patients, demonstrating a potentially lower risk of neuropathy, which is harm to nerves, causing chronic pain. Patients often become resistant to thalidomide or lenalidomide treatment, therefore pomalidomide might offer them a new treatment option, if shown to be effective, clarifies Dr. Niesvizky. Combined with the new experimental drug, patients who are enrolled in the trial are also provided an antibiotic called Biaxin and a steroid called Decadron. Both work to kill multiple-myeloma cancers cells, and are taken in pill form also. To be considered because of this trial, patients must be at least 18 years of age and have relapsed or possess disease that has progressed after at least three prior therapeutic remedies or regimens for multiple myeloma.MSCs promote fracture recovery in rats Experts in Hong Kong, China, who hypothesized that localized and systemic administration of bone-marrow-derived MSCs could promote fracture healing, assigned 48 adult man rats modeled with femoral fractures to four treatment organizations. Two groupings received MSCs, with one administered systemically another locally, four days following the rats had been modeled with femoral fractures.