Campaign to undermine e-prescribings basic safety.

Campaign to undermine e-prescribing’s basic safety, savings benefits A Quiet Marketing campaign to Raise Prescription Drug Costs, Undermine Safety Some drug producers are aggressively pressing legislative proposals in claims in the united states that if enacted would undermine electronic prescribing’s proven protection and cost savings benefits, the Pharmaceutical Care Administration Association said today . ‘This advertising campaign undermines e-prescribing’s two primary goals: improving patient safety and reducing prescription drug costs. Doctors should be able to look for dangerous drug-drug interactions and help patients find affordable options, ‘ said PCMA President and CEO Mark Merritt. The e-prescribing framework was exceeded by the government in 2003 in the Medicare Modernization Work .


Not one cent has been paid by any authorities to compensate any company for lack of trade mark. International law is plain on this: governments can over-ride all arguments about the sanctity of trade marks and branding by invoking open public health concerns. With the WHO recently forecasting that one billion people shall die from tobacco triggered disease this century, and over 150 countries having ratified its Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which bans all forms of tobacco advertising, governments serious about tobacco control need to finish the work and require plain packaging, argue Chapman and Freeman. Chapman, who provides been awarded the WHO medal for tobacco control, says that plain packaging may seem a radical policy today, but that the same was stated about banning to tobacco advertising, sports sponsorship and banning smoking in workplaces.