A biotechnology drug development company.

Celsion receives SBIR grant to develop heat sensitive liposomal technology for malignancy treatment Celsion Company , a biotechnology drug development company, announced today that it’s been awarded a competitive Stage I SMALL COMPANY Innovation and Analysis grant from the National Institutes of Wellness , to support the proposal, New Thermal Sensitive Carboplatin Liposomes for Cancers . As we commence our preclinical studies, we will work closely with the medical and regulatory communities and determine an optimal approval route, said Michael Tardugno, President and CEO of Celsion. This delivery technology enables high concentrations of a known chemotherapeutic agent to become deposited preferentially in a targeted tumor.‘This is simply not what we’d expect from these compounds,’ he said. The merchandise can be marketed as incense or potpourri and offers been sold since 2006 for about $30 to $40 per three-gram handbag. Scalzo said parents ought to be searching for what appears like incense in their child’s room watching to discover if their kids seem even more anxious than typical. No deaths have been reported, but symptoms have also included agitation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tremors and chest discomfort in some full cases. Earlier this full month, Kansas became the 1st condition to ban the material when Gov.