Such activity could cut off blood flow to neurons.

This led them to propose a fresh model for the vascular element of the disease, which is recognized as a key element in its pathology increasingly. The promotion of bloodstream clots and the difficulty of breaking them down would cause a decrease in cerebral blood circulation and increase in irritation that could eventually lead to the neuronal dysfunction in Alzheimer’s individuals, Cortes-Canteli says. .. Alzheimer’s disease may harm brain Alzheimer’s disease is definitely studied primarily as an illness of neurons. But researchers have now shown the way the disease may be damaging the mind by choking off blood circulation. Such activity could cut off blood flow to neurons, suffocating them over time. A drug that inhibits that process could reduce the memory loss and dementia that will be the most wrenching effects of the condition, the findings suggest.Rothman. So, the query remains: What choice exists for women who’ve been uncovered to HPV and are at risk for developing cervical cancer tumor? Furthermore, what can be done for women who already have cervical cancer? Advaxis hopes to ease those issues with Lovaxin C, its therapeutic tumor vaccine that is going to enter Phase I/II clinical studies in women who have been uncovered to HPV and also have cervical cancer. Central to Lovaxin C is the microbe Listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium within dairy products. This common microorganism provides been found to greatly help fight cancer by activating your body’s personal killer cells – cytotoxic T cells – to induce a stronger immune response to the current presence of malignancy cells. Notably, it had been Yvonne Paterson, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor to Advaxis and a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania, who discovered the cancer-fighting properties of a live, altered Listeria malignancy vaccine she made, and brought the vaccine to Advaxis.