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23 problem of its journal, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. In 2010 December, the FDA and the CPSC warned against using baby sleep positioners, which at the right time were linked with 12 deaths. The American Academy of Pediatrics also supported those recommendations, saying ‘The AAP believes sleep positioners represent a risk to sleeping infants.’ The Academy in 2011 released a comprehensive policy declaration on reducing suffocation and SIDS risk in babies, urging parents to place infants to sleep on their backs and avoid usage of pillows, stuffed pets or heavy blankets in cribs.The WHO stated the dengue epidemic recently, which has infected almost 7,since October 1 000 people, is the 1st ever documented on the islands, according to the news service. There is no vaccine or treatment for the mosquito-borne disease currently. ‘You want to mobilise the entire society for this fight because the most important way to combat the epidemic is to interrupt the cycle of the transmission through the vector of the disease,’ Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves said . Related StoriesObese people may be malnourished before they go through weight loss surgery, shows studyACP helps for eliminating nonmedical vaccination exemptionsExperts to assemble at DOHaD congress to handle challenges that impact wellness of children, adolescentsIPS Examines Malnutrition In Guatemala Inter Press Provider examines the effect of malnutrition on the sociable people of Guatemala.