Asthma TREATMENT: New Diagnosis If your asthma has been diagnosed.

They help reduce the swelling in the lung area that underlies asthma episodes. You take these each day of whether you are experiencing symptoms or not regardless.Rescue medications: They are for short-term control of asthma episodes. You consider these only once you are experiencing symptoms or will have an attack – – for instance, when you have contamination in your respiratory system.Your treatment plan may also include other areas: knowing of your triggers and preventing the triggers whenever you can;recommendations for dealing with asthma in your lifestyle;regular follow-up visits to your medical provider; anduse of a peak circulation meter.At your follow-up visits, your health-care supplier shall review the way you have been doing.On ‘THE FIRST Present’ Ashton shared a profile of Nick Colgin, who experienced a traumatic brain damage in Afghanistan while he was a medic with the 82nd Airborne. Go through the video below for his tale: The Early Present Veterans and dementia New analysis shows a connection between old veterans who acquired a traumatic mind injury and an elevated threat of dementia. Dr. Jennifer Ashton profiles. Muscle tissues deteriorate and the young child becomes weak and fragile.