July 5 to demand freedom for wrongly imprisoned Marine Sgt Americans strategy ride to Mexico border.

‘Sgt. Tahmooressi was simply driving in the region and made an incorrect switch’ when he was intercepted by Mexican authorities March 31, said New York Myke. Mexican border police arrested Tahmooressi because he had registered firearms in his vehicle; guns are strictly regulated in Mexico. ‘He couldn’t turn back,’ NY Myke continuing in the video. ‘He didn’t mean to go to Mexico, amount one. Number 2, since he’s down there in a Mexican prison, he spent the 1st month chained to a bed, okay, chained, tethered to a bed by his arms and legs, for the first month. This is no recognized place for a Marine who served two tours in Afghanistan, who’s presently a Marine reservist. He’s supposed to be reporting for duty, like, at this time.’ The video displays a clip of President Obama saying that the U.S.Prevention Cervical cancer may be the easiest female cancer to prevent, since there is a vaccine and a screening check available. The vaccine referred to as Gardasil offers safety from the most dangerous types of HPV and recently published results indicate that fresh cervical tumors may ultimately be decreased by as very much as 97 percent in those areas where vaccination is launched and maintained. Treatment Treatment depends on the stage of the tumor, the shape and size of the tumor, the age and general health of the woman, and her desire to possess children in the future.