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If a pharmaceutical company is developing a drug to take care of schizophrenia, they could use this test to see if it enters the brain. If early tests display it doesn’t, they would be able to kill the project before spending a great deal of time and money onto it. The technique could even be used to unlock the physical characteristics of disorders that until now have been limited by phenomenological descriptions. Using biomarkers related to specific disorders, experts could use fluorination to recognize biological differences between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and use that given information to build up treatments for both.Fractures show up as very clear lines through the bone on an X-ray through the bone. If calcium hasn`t however accumulated in the restoring bone, the break might not be apparent. This insufficient calcification occurs in two methods. Bones mature at differing times in a kid`s development even though the bony structure will there be, it may have significantly more cartilage than calcium.The second situation is connected with growth plates. Each bone comes with an region where cell activity is normally maximal and where in fact the bone grows. These areas show up as lucent lines on X-ray.