Celebrate GMO Awareness Week by supporting California labeling initiative.

Joseph Mercola, the Institute for Accountable Technology , NaturalNews and the Organic Customers Association possess teamed up to declare the week of October 2-8, 2011, GMO Awareness Week. The goal is to raise recognition and educate the public about the comprehensive scientific evidence that proves the dangers of GMOs. It is also important to merely introduce many who are still in the dark about GMOs in regards to what they are, and why they must, at the very least, be properly labeled. In the event you missed it, you can find out about the California GMO labeling initiative and how you can help support it here: THE UNITED STATES food supply is riddled with GMOs, and most people are completely unacquainted with thisThere are still no federal, state, or even local requirements that GMOs end up being labeled.Related StoriesPublic health plans targeting smokers may possess opposite effect actually, study findsStudy: Nurses can play pivotal function in assisting reduce smoking prices in ChinaASH study shows excessive smoking plays a part in ongoing poverty in West MidlandsThese individuals were, on average, significantly older than patients without airflow limitation , had a significantly lower mean body mass index , and were more likely to have chronic bronchitis symptoms and a higher COPD assessment test rating .