Canned soup ups levels of controversial chemical Health HealthPop: Turkey problems.

Canned soup ups levels of controversial chemical Health HealthPop: Turkey problems, chemical cans, burning up boxers A particular Thanksgiving edition of HealthPop – Doctors find that in the initial hour after taking in a big food, you’re ten times much more likely to ha. Talk about stirring up controversy. A fresh study shows that the urine of individuals who consume canned soup can include surprisingly high degrees of bisphenol A , a hormone-disrupting compound linked to health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and obesity sustanon 300 . PICTURES – BPA: 7 secret sources Individuals who consumed one serving of canned soup a day time for five times had a more than 1,000 % upsurge in urinary BPA over people who consumed fresh soup for five times, the study showed.

Capitol Hill health plan news: Fact-checking Pelosi on Medicare; Senior GOP wellness adviser to leave House; Redefining rural doctor access A selection of tales revolving around Capitol Hill, including an effort to expand mental health care. The Washington Post's The Fact Checker: Nancy Pelosi's Claim That The GOP Would Raid Medicare For Taxes Cuts We are reluctant to re-litigate the rhetoric of the 2012 presidential advertising campaign, but this comment by Rep. Nancy Pelosi about the homely home GOP budget jumped out in us. We had frequently written during the campaign about the misleading claim by Mitt Romney that President Obama got gutted a lot more than $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare.