China Tightens Guidelines On U.

China Tightens Guidelines On U.S . Visitors China has tightened visa rules for citizens from the United States, which has reported the second highest amount of H1N1 virus instances in the world. A notice dated May 3 on the Web site for the Chinese Embassy and its consulates in the U.S. Said that all visa applications would require six business days to process now, with express and rush services for visa applications suspended until further notice.

The guidelines also included a ban on the sale of human organs for profit and on donations by people under 18. Bequelin welcomed the regulations, which he said were enacted to counter criticism of China’s human privileges record before following summer’s Beijing Olympics. However they still usually do not address the lack of transparency in the organ transplant system, without any centralized oversight or regulation. We don’t see there are any measures toward better transparency, specifically the source of organs, since many result from executed prisoners, he said.. China Tightens Organ Transplant Rules Tuesday restricting organ transplants for foreigners China issued guidelines, its latest effort to regulate procedures that have been criticized as unethical and profit-driven. Little information about China’s profitable transplant business can be publicly obtainable.