A recognized leader in medical imaging PACS and workflow solutions.

CRR leveraging InteleOne to interconnect Intelerad Medical Systems’ facilities Intelerad Medical Systems, a recognized leader in medical imaging PACS and workflow solutions, today announced that Carolina Regional Radiology PA will end up being leveraging InteleOne to interconnect its services. CRR is usually a full-assistance radiology practice serving a ten-county region in southeastern North Carolina. CRR employs 21 radiologists reporting over half-a-million studies per year, offering on-site teleradiology and services to two imaging centers, four hospitals, and greater than a dozen little clinics ?sexual problems . Automatic load-balancing and high-acceleration streaming will optimize network bandwidth, while offering CRR radiologists with instantaneous and transparent access to medical images and details, including pre-fetched priors, of where the radiologists can be found regardless.

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